Littledean Roman Temple Site

2500 years of history and still going


We will be adding new products to this page on a regular basis.  these products will cover the wide variety of interests that are ignited by the Roman temple site, from it’s Celtic past to the modern time with surfing the Severn Bore and also it’s links with Littledean Hall itself.

Longwave DVD

A film following the exploits of the Bore Riders Club over a 10 year period.  It shows the Severn Bore at it’s best as well as visiting the Pororoca in Brazil, the Silver Dragon in China and the Mascaret in France.  With superb extra features on the Myth of the Severn bore and how and where to see and surf the bore.


£15.00 including postage.

Water Worn Jewellery

Beautiful pieces of jewellery crafted out of items of glass and pottery found on river banks and sea shores, including the rivers Severn and Wye.  All items are unique by circumstance.  We create ranges of necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks and bag charms.  Prices start from £5.00
For current stock please go to

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