Littledean Roman Temple Site

2500 years of history and still going

Sabren’s Grove

Sited on the remains of the Roman Temple, with evidence of earlier occupation, the acre and a half “Sabren’s Grove” is being managed to maximise biodiversity. We are striving to provide different habitats within the confines of space and environment.  The site holds areas of mown and long grass, young woodland and established trees, bramble and nettle areas as well as  dead hedging and wood piles.

Central to our woodland management objectives is an aim to practice polyculture wherever it is practicably possible. Thus fruit trees, nut trees,  herbs, wild fruits and cultivated varieties are allowed to grow wild, so as to achieve our aims and encourage the maximum number of species of fauna and flora.

In the summer the greenery provides an almost perfect shelter bank to give the inner-most areas privacy and peace, with only glimpses of the surrounding countryside.  One of our favourite “glimpses” is the window to the Severn from which most of the great horseshoe bend can be seen

Full of Myth and Magic,  of stories and fact, and of peace and calm, we feel Sabren’s Grove is an oasis in a busy world.

Posted 9 years, 9 months ago at 10:23 pm by Donny Wright.