Littledean Roman Temple Site

2500 years of history and still going

Welcome to the Littledean Roman Temple Site

Since 2002 we have been carrying on a woodland regeneration program around the Roman Temple site, which occupies an outer area of Littledean Hall’s grounds. The aim of  the programme is to produce a symbiosis of productivity, biodiversity and pleasure.

The temple remains were discovered in 1984, excavated over a 3 year period and restored for Public viewing. In 1987 the site was officially opened by Allesandro Vaciago, the Cultural Councillor to the Italian Embassy.

After 2002 we decided to allow the temple site to ’slip back’ into nature, whilst managing the naturally regenerating woodland which sprang up from the ancient, pre Roman, ground surface. Then in 2010 we commenced the next phase of  management, in order to maintain the Roman remains for Public interest.

The Roman temple site is integral to the history of Littledean Hall, regarded as one of England’s oldest houses. It has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, where it is referred to as England’s oldest inhabited house.

The history of Little Dean Hall is long, complex and very interesting. The house was open to the Public between 1982 and 2002, during which time the history and myth was central to peoples’ interest. The house is no longer open to the Public. In order to keep alive the old stories and legends as well as recorded historical events, this website endeavors to bring all this rich heritage together in one place.

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